The Fortnite Champion Series is coming back shortly, and you might win a million dollars

In the Great Battle Royale, Epic will toss the home out the window and give massive prizes.

The Fortnite Champion Series is coming back shortly, and you might win a million dollars

The Fortnite esports scene took a vacation due to the pandemic, but Epic Games has made it a point to stay active with numerous online tournaments. The corporation has announced that the Fortnite Champion Series will return shortly with an event named the Grand Battle Royale, indicating that it is preparing to organize another spectacular tournament.

Battle Royale gamers will have the opportunity to earn big quantities of money and become millionaires as a result of this. Because the competition is approaching, the studio has published all of the requirements and details necessary to join.

The Fortnite Champion Series, as you might expect, will have a sizable prize fund, so only the best players from each region will be assured a spot in the tournament.


Epic Games has stated that the Fortnite Champion Series will be awarding a $ 5 million prize pool very soon, making it the most lucrative event of the year. Players from all regions are welcome to compete, but only the top 33 teams from each zone will get a prize.

The competition will be held over two weekends, with a new format that we will discuss later. The Fortnite Champion Series Grand Battle Royale will begin on November 11 and will be divided into multiple phases.

The qualifying stages will take place from November 11 to 14, followed by the grand final from November 19 to 21. On November 12, there will be a Loading Session, in which players will be able to play matches for three hours in order to earn as many points as possible for wins and eliminations.

A Reload Path will also be available for participants who desire a second shot to proceed to the following round. The competitors will have three opportunities to place themselves as one of the session's top eight sides.

The Victory Path will be held later, with four sessions of eight games each. Teams who win a free-for-all or advance to the Grand Final will proceed. It will be played until the competition's top 33 teams have been determined.

The final will be split over two days, with each day consisting of six games. For eliminations and master triumphs on the last day, double points will be awarded.


To compete in the competition and win a share of the prize pool, you must meet certain criteria. Participants must have a level 30 account and activate 2-step verification in order to participate. Similarly, kids must be of legal age or have permission from their parents or guardians.

Additionally, they must have completed a round of the Fortnite Champion Series this year (Qualifier Round 4, FNCS Semifinal, or Final). The activities will begin on October 14th. Participants must form a trio with two additional players who match the first conditions, although they do not required to have competed in the FNCS this year.

"Select your friends carefully. "Once they've selected a team for the FNCS Grand Battle Royale, they won't be able to change it for the length of the event," Epic Games said. If you have any doubts, you can read the tournament's official rules here.

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