The box art for Kirby And The Forgotten Land is featured

 In the spring of 2022, the long-awaited film will be released.

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Kirby will return rejuvenated in a new and intriguing journey, according to the most recent Nintendo Direct. Kirby And The Forgotten Land will be the game in which we see the friendly character as the protagonist. Fortunately for all of its admirers, the game's box design has already been revealed.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land will be released only on the Nintendo Switch next year, and due to pre-order sites like Amazon and Best Buy, we can finally see what the physical cover will look like.

As we saw in the game's first video, the art depicts Kirby surrounded by an urban setting that has been overrun by nature. Here's what we've got:

It's worth noting that, due to its graphic style and the landscapes it'll be sharing with us, this game has already been compared to others like Super Mario Odyssey, though we're confident that once we play it, it'll feel completely different.

According to Nintendo, players can freely travel uncharted locations in this 3D platformer using Kirby's well-known copy talents, however it remains to be seen what awaits the pink ball as it explores a mysterious setting.

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