On the recording set of The Last of Us, a new photo of Pedro Pascal as Joel emerged

Anonymous sources reveal the first details about the series' filming in Canada.

On the recording set of The Last of Us, a new photo of Pedro Pascal as Joel emerged

The live-action series The Last of Us appears to be growing in popularity. Despite the fact that filming on the project has already begun in Canada, we have yet to see the actors who will play the roles from the front, but a fresh image exposes Joel Miller for the first time.

Naughty Dog and PlayStation Productions unveiled the first image of the HBO television series on The Last of Us Day, allowing us to meet Joel Miller and Ellie, the game's and series' protagonists. Unfortunately, the shot only showed their backs, so we weren't able to see the performers' faces who brought the characters to life.


If you're excited for this production, you'll be thrilled to learn that new photos of the series' recording set in Canada have begun to circulate. The initial photographs of a damaged Boston were released a few days ago, but the one released today reveals one of the protagonists at the filming location.

We're talking about Pedro Pascal's character Joel Miller. Pascal's rendition of Joel looks fantastic, as you can see in the photo below, which was posted through Twitter by user KristinRaworth. Although the image is low resolution, it is able to discern the suit from the official photos, but he is wearing a jacket on top this time.

Despite the fact that the actor's forehead is visible in the shot, his face is obscured by the mask he wears. As a result, we'll have to wait a little longer to see the character's face in greater detail.


TheLastofUsNews account also released details of the filming that is going place in Canada, owing to unauthorised sources.

According to reports, Pedro Pascal will dress in a way that is extremely reminiscent of the video game, as he will not only be carrying his bag but also an assault gun on his back (something that is not seen in the official image). Ellie will be dressed in a white t-shirt under her hoodie, with her hair styled "just way it was in the game."

It was disclosed that there was a third figure on set who was photographing Joel and Ellie, but it was not specified who it was.

The latest we heard from the project was that the first chapter's filming was already completed. The first photographs of the recording set, as we reported a few days ago, revealed the streets of Boston after the pandemic, the location where Joel and Ellie meet, thus it's safe to assume that the series' premiere is being filmed.

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