Female character designs in anime have been criticized by feminists

In Japan, the engagement of a VTuber in a security effort sparked debate.

Female character designs in anime have been criticized by feminists

The purported oversexualization of female characters in video games, anime, and Japanese popular culture is a hot topic in Japan and around the world these days. This raging argument has been resurrected as a result of a virtual youtuber's participation in a security campaign aimed at teenagers.

Linca Tojou is a well-known Japanese VTuber who recently teamed up with the Chiba Police Department to promote road safety. However, the three-minute film sparked debate and criticism because of the provocative attire worn by the protagonist.

Linca Tojou wears a red skirt, a top that comes just below the breasts and is ornamented with a giant red bow, and a pair of long socks that cover much of her legs, as shown in the video above these lines. In addition, the creator of the content engages in infantile behaviour.


A section of the audience was offended by the VTuber's outfit, which many described as sexual or suggestive. When confronted with this issue, a group of people attacked the Chiba Police Department, demanding that the footage be removed.

The Alliance of Feminist Representatives of Japan, a group that monitors women's rights in Japan, filed and published a formal letter to the authorities shortly after the campaign was discovered, requesting that the film be removed.

The Japanese government claims that the popular VTuber sexualizes females by dressing in a school uniform. Similarly, he slammed her "large breasts that wobble every time she moves."

According to the Alliance of Feminist Representatives, Linca Tojou's look supports stereotypical images of women in the media, hence the local police made a significant error by utilizing her.

Some people may not feel anything when seeing the film, according to Kaoru Masuda, co-president of the feminist organization. He did emphasize, however, that some members of the audience were uncomfortable and disgusted, and that women continuously oppose being sexualized in this way.

“When I see ladies in anime designs, their bodies appear to be mature, but their voice is rather childlike. “I believe there are many examples like this,” Kaoru Masuda remarked.


Setsuko Itakura, president of the VTuber agency, claimed that the objections are subjective shortly after the feminist group's public letter surfaced, explaining that the clothing' design does not correlate to that of a student, but rather that of a Japanese pop diva. She also stated that she is a feminist and that the inventors of Linca Tojou are all women.

Finally, Minoru Ogino, a government official, addressed the topic, stating that the feminist group's objections over the size of the VTuber's breasts can be considered discrimination against persons with huge breasts.

"Some claim their breasts swing is overdone, but if you watch the video, you'll see it's extremely natural." "She doesn't have outrageously huge breasts that wobble side to side," the official clarified.

But, tell us, what are your thoughts on this debate? Do you agree with the feminist group's complaints? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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