Disney and Lucasfilm have announced that a Star Wars game will be released later this year

Weekly announcements of new collectibles and merchandise from the series will be made by the firms.

Disney and Lucasfilm have announced that a Star Wars game will be released later this year

Many fans are anticipating the release of various Star Wars video games. The KOTOR remake, Star Wars: Hunters, and a suspected project allegedly in the hands of Quantic Dream are among them.

In the coming weeks, Disney and Lucasfilm will introduce a new collection of merchandise and collectibles, which will be wonderful news for all fans of the franchise. Aside from toys, novels, and figures, at least one Star Wars game is expected to be announced.

At the time of writing, there are little hints in this respect, as it is unclear if it will be the announcement of a new project or simply a sneak peek at an already announced title.


The Bring Home the Bounty campaign, sponsored by Disney and Lucasfilm, intends to surprise fans with news of new Star Wars memorabilia. Clothing, accessories, figures, and other items are among the items promised by the companies.

From now until December 28, when the final great surprise of the year will be revealed, the revelations will be presented weekly. The fact that the advertisements will contain video games is intriguing.

We know there will be news on a title based on the saga in early December thanks to an official image of Bring Home the Bounty. As previously said, it is unknown if the event will be a worldwide unveiling of something new or a teaser for one of the recently revealed projects that is still in development. The date of the announcement is set for December 14th.

"With such a wide array of goods to enjoy and interact with, whether fans are adding to their own collections or seeking for the ideal gift, there will be something to thrill all Star Wars fans this year," said Paul Southern, vice president of franchises and Lucasfilm licenses.

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