Because Apple eliminated the Battle Royale mode from iPhones, a Fortnite movie might be made.

 Epic Games has hired former LucasFilm creatives.

For a long time, Fortnite has been unavailable on the iPhone App Store and Google Play. Epic Games' revenue has suffered as a result of this predicament, and the business is considering expanding into new regions to compensate. One of his suggestions is to create a new entertainment branch to produce a Fortnite film.

Epic Games' revenue has been harmed as a result of its inability to continue expanding on iPhone and Android, according to a story in The Information (via Eurogamer). This is why Epic Games is planning to establish a new entertainment branch to diversify its revenue streams.

Epic Games has discussed the prospect of developing a Fortnite movie as one of its entertainment division's initiatives, according to the source. This is hardly unreasonable, given that it is their most popular intellectual property and one of the world's most profitable games. Of course, it's unclear how likely that project will come to fruition.

It's worth noting that three former Lucasfilm staffers joined Epic Games in 2021. Jason McGatlin, a former vice president of physical production who now heads Epic Games' "special projects" group, is one of them. Lynn Bartsch, the head of business, and Chris Furia, the vice president of production finance, are both Lucasfilm employees.

There are currently no information available about Epic Games' plans for its entertainment branch or the potential Fortnite film. In a world where cinema is hugely popular and companies like PlayStation and Nintendo see it as a way to reach more people, it seems like a logical and rational approach.

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