Battlefield 2042's developer lashes out at fans who assaulted creatives following the beta's release

Walke disagreed with the community's many complaints of the game and its designers.

Battlefield 2042's developer lashes out at fans who assaulted creatives following the beta's release

Battlefield 2042 has been a hot topic of discussion since its beta gave fans a taste of the action that will be available when the game launches. The players' opinions are divided, and the developers want to hear all of them in order to improve the game.

However, Ben Walke, one of EA DICE's producers, is dissatisfied with some players' reactions after playing the shooter. The title received harsh criticism following the Beta, but the creative team is unconcerned because it is all part of the development process.

The artist is enraged by a portion of the community that has solely made negative remarks about the game. The creative retaliated against those players, stating that there are always methods to provide constructive input and condemning the attacks directed at some of his coworkers.


Walke took to Reddit to inform the Battlefield 2042 community that the most recent Beta is an earlier version of the game. He also reiterated that the purpose of this type of test is to identify and resolve issues prior to the official launch.

Instead of providing helpful input, the producer used the chance to remind gamers that they are simply posting poisonous and harmful remarks about a game that is still in production.

He also stated that, as a result of this type of conduct, studios sometimes choose not to communicate with franchise fans, as the situation may occasionally escalate into personal attacks on developers.

"We're already in the zone of people losing their jobs on day one of the beta. Have you ever questioned why there aren't more game developers communicating with players from all around the world?" enquired the creative

Walke stated that they are always open to receiving input, as long as it is constructive and does not target any of their team members.

"There is a proper way to provide feedback, and I don't believe anyone on the team is opposed to receiving it if it is done constructively. However, the number of personal assaults I've witnessed in just a few hours since the news broke is disheartening "the producer concluded

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