Animal Crossing: New Horizons recreates the first episode of Squid Games

Prepare to see Red light, green light with the Nintendo saga's sweetness.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons recreates the first episode of Squid Games

The Squid Game (also known as Squid Games) has become a massive Netflix hit. As a result, his fan base continues to grow, and we're seeing more and more tributes to the series created by fans. A excellent example of this is a new movie in which the first chapter is shown, but in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons manner.

Squid Game, which debuted on the streaming platform last month, has grabbed the world by storm. Red Light, Green Light, the first episode, stunned almost everyone who saw it.

Now, it appears even video games are taking inspiration from the famous series, as a fan recently developed an incredible video depicting what the first game in the series would look like if it were set in the Animal Crossing universe.

As you can see, the reproduction is spectacular and merges the Korean show with the Nintendo game, showcasing the Animal Crossing villagers battling against one another, complete with everything and their green outfits.

This strange movie was developed by the YouTube channel Mellow Diary, which combines gaming functions (with some editing) and allows us to witness popular characters like Raymond and Flurry compete to reach the finish line without being spotted by the robot doll shown in the series.

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