According to a Battlefield 2042 leaker, the beta build isn't as ancient as EA claims

The most recent beta appears to be less out-of-date than the publisher would have you believe.

According to a Battlefield 2042 leaker, the beta build isn't as ancient as EA claims

According to a report, EA's assertions that the Battlefield 2042 beta build was "months" old were false.

Tom Henderson, a seasoned Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker, reveals new information regarding Battlefield 2042 from an associate working on the game in a new report from GamingIntel. Henderson's source, in particular, refutes EA's recent allegation that Battlefield 2042's recent beta was actually months old.

Concerns about the Battlefield 2042 beta's quality prompted EA to make this assertion. Players were mostly concerned about a slew of issues and glitches in the shooter's recent open beta period, prompting developer/publisher EA to issue a statement assuring them that the test build was "a few months old" and did not reflect the game's current status.

Henderson's source has now refuted this claim. Furthermore, Henderson claims that a second source has told him that the beta isn't as old as EA claims, and the report claims that the beta's contents were never changed at all after Battlefield 2042 was delayed until November earlier this month, and that the beta is actually from late September. If this is correct, the beta would be a lot more current than EA first said. EA has been contacted to see if it has any comments on the report.

To say the least, everything is a little hazy. When EA DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield 2042 comes on November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, we'll have just over a month to try out the final build.

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