A new Persona fighting game has been unveiled, but it will be a tabletop game

Some fans believe ATLUS is playing a joke on them, but it could be a hint about the release of a new video game.

A new Persona fighting game has been unveiled, but it will be a tabletop game

In 2021, ATLUS and SEGA will commemorate the 25th anniversary of their hit franchise Persona. The firm had previously stated that it would make many announcements in the following months, and the first of them has now been revealed: a new Persona fighting game, although it's probably not what you were expecting.

Persona VS is a Persona fighting game developed by ATLUS and Banso. It is notable since it is not a video game, but rather a board game.

You read that correctly: Persona VS will feature at least 15-minute games in which two players will be able to face off, with each player being able to summon People from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 to drain the opponent's energy, according to Siliconera.

The board game will have cards depicting the protagonists of the deliveries, as well as three decks with 40 cards each from each game. In mid-December 2021, the board game is planned to be released.

Unfortunately, only the Japanese edition of the game has been announced so far, which costs around $ 27 USD and is only available through the Banso online store. The bad news is that it does not ship outside of Japan.


ATLUS, interestingly, runs annual surveys in which it asks fans what their desires are for the series. The topics are varied, but alternatives like the Persona board game are included, and it appears that enough people voted for it to make it a reality.

However, some Persona fans believe ATLUS is playing them because they are waiting for a new fighting game based on Persona 5, especially because unauthorized signals from a project in this genre have surfaced in recent months.

There's still hope if you were hoping for a fighting game from the Persona Arena subseries. We say this because you could be hinting about a Persona 5 fighting video game with Persona VS ATLUS. According to DualShockers, Elizabeth, Margaret, Justine, and Caroline hold a conversation, which could be a hint that the Persona fighting game would be set in the new Velvet Stadium.

The possibility of a Persona 5 fighting game isn't out of the realm of possibility, especially since ATLUS is set to make five additional announcements. The next one will be in December of this year, and the last one will be in the fall of 2022, when Persona 6 will be released, which has been in production for years. We'll keep you updated.

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