Touken Ranbu, a game inspired on Samurai Warriors, will be released by Koei Tecmo

Touken Ranbu Warriors has a release date and will be released in the Western world.

Touken Ranbu, a game inspired on Samurai Warriors, will be released by Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo had planned to reveal a secret game that he was working on at the Tokyo Game Show in 2021. However, Koei Tecmo fans will not have to wait until the beginning of October for game news, as the company has already announced a game that will bring the Touken Ranbu series to consoles for the first time.

If you like the musou-style games that Koei Tecmo popularized with its Samurai Warriors series, we have good news for you: this Japanese company has just announced a new franchise that will adapt to this universe, similar to what he did with The Legend of Zelda to create the popular Hyrule Warriors subseries. "Warriors" is thus the trademark of thes games.

This title was not only unveiled with a stunning video that included gameplay, but it was also given a release date: May 24, 2022. Touken Ranbu Warriors will be released for Nintendo Switch and will be a tactical action game. Omega Force will produce the game, which will be marketed by Koei Tecmo (a Koei Tecmo subsidiary studio). The good news is that the game will be released in the West as well.


Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with this series; we'll explain what it's about. Touken Ranbu Warriors, as previously stated, is a musou title based on Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-, a browser game developed by DMM GAMES and Nitroplus that premiered in Japan in 2015 and internationally in April 2021.

This original game is extremely different from the ones we'll see in Touken Ranbu Warriors since it's a card game in which swordsmen join teams and fight foes in simulation-based battles. Fans will, however, finally get to witness the characters in action.

The game with musou mechanics takes set in Japan in the year 2205, when the History Revisionists, with the support of the History Retrograde Army, begin attacking the past in attempt to change history.

The Saniwa, who used their powers to awaken the hearts of objects and thus the swords assumed human form, known as the Touken Danshi (swordsmen), who can travel through time and pledged to protect history, were chosen by the Government of Time to avoid it.

Although the Touken Danshi defeated the History Retrograde Army, the Honmaru, the castle's heart, was severely wounded, weakening the military force, and the Saniwa, which was vital to the Honmaru, vanished in the middle of the conflict.

As a result, the Touken Danshi transported the Honmaru back in time to hide it and keep it safe. The Government of Time resurfaced to give the Touken Danshi a new mission: to stop the History Retrograde Army in the Sengoku Era. Another intriguing aspect of this new game is that fans will be able to peek inside the daily lives of the Honmaru characters.

If you're interested in learning more about this project, be sure to attend the Tokyo Game Show 2021, where Koei Tecmo will reveal further information. The broadcast will begin on October 2 at 9:00 a.m. (Mexico City time), immediately following the company's two presentations.

However, the mystery game that Koei Tecmo will reveal will not be Touken Ranbu Warriors, but will be a different game that will be shown two hours before.

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