This is how the main interface appears on a screen in Steam Deck

According to Valve, the new console is a small PC that can play the entire Steam catalog.

This is how the main interface appears on a screen in Steam Deck

The last few months of the year are devouring, and Steam Deck is getting closer to seeing the light, albeit it may not arrive in consumers' homes at the same time, depending on when they reserved it. Regardless, the portable console from the Half-Life makers, Alyx, has released additional insights, this time about the interface and UI design, but on a larger screen. Remember that Steam Deck can be linked to a monitor or television like a PC.

Some screenshots of the Steam Deck interface, which will replace the Steam Big Picture option, have been leaked. The captures were disseminated over Twitter by Pavel Djundik, the developer of SteamDB. The photos were taken from a leaked build of Steam OS 3 that was installed on Windows. “The Steam Deck interface is essentially a tweaked version of the desktop library. At this time, access to the store is not possible,” SAYS. The photos are from a development kit, so they are still in the works and may differ from the final product.

Is Steam Deck compatible with every Steam game?

When Steam Deck arrives in stores, Valve promises that it will be completely compatible with their platform's library. In fact, if any of the company's tens of thousands of titles fails to work on the device, it will be considered a bug. However, not everyone believes that promise will be fulfilled. One of those discordant voices is James Ramey, one of the major developers of Proton (the mechanism that allows Windows games to run on Steam OS). There are currently titles that do not start on the machine, as he indicated.

These limits are due to conflicts with the anti-cheat mechanisms of some multiplayer games, such as Apex Legends or Rainbow Six Siege, rather than hardware constraints. Valve is still working to smooth out the rough edges.

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