PlatinumGames has expressed interest in bringing StarFox Zero to the Nintendo Switch

More than 5 years ago, the game was released only for the Nintendo Wii U. Those in charge, on the other hand, would see fit to re-release it on Nintendo Switch.

PlatinumGames has expressed interest in bringing StarFox Zero to the Nintendo Switch

StarFox Zero was part of the Nintendo Wii U's exclusive catalog, and it's one of the few games from the system that hasn't been reissued on the Nintendo Switch. Something that, if it were up to PlatinumGames, would alter instantly, as the study's director, Atsushi Inaba, has expressed interest in bringing it to the hybrid console.

"Definitely absolutely, it is something we would like to think about if a true opportunity comes," he says. In addition to reflecting on the nature of the game and its control method, he assumes that it is not something that is solely dependent on them: “we must remember that the intellectual property belongs to Nintendo and the concepts come from Miyamoto-san; we must respect that.”

PlatinumGames has expressed interest in bringing StarFox Zero to the Nintendo Switch

Two screens, motion control, and a variety of vehicles await you in StarFox Zero.

Nintendo's long-running franchise, starring the incombustible Fox McCloud and his merry band of misfits, debuted on Super Nintendo no more than 28 years ago. Since then, it has been available on all Nintendo desktop and portable systems, including the Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo 3DS... and the Wii U, which is where StarFox Zero was published. What's the end result? A light-and-shadow performance, but the most varied and revolutionary. In our review, we praised its dedication to the two screens, the controls that make use of the Wii U remote's movement sensors, and the ability to pilot various vehicles.

Furthermore, we stated that the game "accomplishes half of what it set out to do." On the one hand, we have a game that inherits much of the excellent from its predecessors, with intense and furious missions, fantastic final bosses, and a high replayability that is varied thanks to the vehicles and alternative -challenging- roads.

When it comes to shooting with precision in a variety of situations, the bet on the two screens impresses. Unfortunately, not everything works as well as one might want. Even after completing and re-completing the phases and receiving high scores, the control will present us with chaotic periods, partly due to the response of a vehicle like the Walker or because to an improved targeting system. Technically, it could give more of itself, but StarFox Zero has lights and shadows with a terrific soundtrack and a high-pitched Castilian dubbing.

StarFox Zero is presently available only on the Nintendo Wii U, as it was the only platform on which it was launched.

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