Deathloop is a real new-gen game.

We take a look at one of the most anticipated games of the year, Arkane Studios' exclusive for PS5 in 2021.

Deathloop is a real new-gen game.

Deathloop, a PlayStation 5 exclusive, will be released on September 14, 2021, and is one of the most anticipated games of the year. It's no surprise, given that it's a game entirely focused on the next generation of consoles and that it comes from Arkane Studios, a studio capable of retaining greatness in each of its previous video games. The debut of a new intellectual property is always exciting, but it's much more so when it's from the creators of Dishonored or Prey.

Colt Vahn, the protagonist of this action adventure set on an island, will be our guide throughout the game. The strategy goes even farther, leaving little time for rest: everyone wants to kill you, and you always live the same day. And once more. It's as though you're stuck in a loop.

 He is not, however, a roguelike. Although your learning improves your performance in successive laps, you can, and should, break the loop at some point. Like Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow, but with Dishonored 2's superior level design and mechanics. There are also a few surprises.

We'll try to break the loop at Colt Vahn's controls, but there's a stumbling block in the form of Juliana Blake, our adversary. The loop's watchful eye. A top-tier assassin has arrived to prevent us from progressing. And a figure that offers new meaning to the game's multiplayer concept: she can be AI or controlled by a player who will invade our world, much like Bloodborne and other From Software games.

Arkane is in charge of the new generation.

Although we have only had a few months to play PS5 video games, if you are wondering if the game gives all of the perks that the new generation brings, the answer is certainly yes. Deathloop is offered to us as a title that, if passed on through the generations, would cause the experience to suffer.

 The first and most significant consideration is the universe in which we live. The new technology's graphic resources allow Arkane's work to have a distinct artistic style that has never been seen before.

This retro-futuristic environment from the 1960s is fully expanded thanks to the machine's capabilities, which translates into an unending number of details and visual aspects around us, with surprising contrasts between locations, clothing, attitudes, and much more natural explosions. and, of course, the next-gen power: the possibility to play it in 4K with ray tracing or in performance modes where 60 frames per second is nearly unavoidable.

All of this is topped off with the game-changing DualSense, which debuted in Astro's Playroom and now shines brightly in its own right. The haptic vibration goes beyond providing us with a grasp of weapon recoil.

 When it becomes stuck, we notice the punches we give it, how a kick to an enemy strikes our hands, and how stones, hops, and unexpected movements pass through the control. Everything we do, whether it's creeping around or dashing between roofs, produces a haptic vibration that can only be described as "next generation."

The adaptable triggers, with their resistances when firing with various weapons or objects, or the much-needed spatial audio -which is amplified by helmets with 3D audio- all contribute to an experience that is a step forward from what we previously knew. 

In a game where we can hear where the adversaries are coming from, what they're talking about, and everything else without seeing them. These kinds of details are simply final. Of then, there's the SSD, which allows you to redo deaths, change locations, and experience load times of under five seconds. To be able to repeat, improve, and advance, you must be able to act quickly.

Arkane Studios is on your line as a matter of design.

Arkane Studios was founded on the principle of denying the greatest, tossing linear and cinematic journeys to the ground in order to reclaim the player's power of choice. Dishonored was born from that concept. Both this and Dishonored 2, as well as the structure of Prey, have two distinguishing features that will appear in Deathloop. The first is the ability to choose your own path.

And that has an inherent reality, which is that there should be enough options for everyone to go anywhere they choose. This translates to a world design in which we find ourselves complex, free of corsets of any type, and well suited to anything the player's mind may conjure up. By hacking objects, attacking from the front, or using stealth, we can deceive our opponents. Alternatively, you can mix it all up depending on the situation.

Naturally, if our abilities aren't up to the task, the world isn't full of possibilities. And that is the second rule we discovered as a result of this research. Dishonored was able to provide us with a wide range of incredible abilities, which we could combine in inconceivable ways... but it was also a completely viable, tough, and measured-to-the-millimeter game if we didn't use any of them and instead focused just on stealth and weapons.

Teleportation, double jump, and other abilities that allow you to break the deck: modify the scene's design to something that was previously impossible. Only a thorough title and queries posed to the tiniest of details can keep the guy from losing his primary abilities. And this is what Deathloop inherits: meticulous level design (several paths to the same goal), player freedom, and limitless potential for the greatest assassin the world has ever known. Colt Vahn is a character in the film Colt Vahn. I'm referring to us.

Looping is the process of learning from one's mistakes in order to improve.

The proposal aims to keep us in the same cycle indefinitely. We have one day to murder a number of targets. And the first time, that's impossible. We improved, however, as a result of improved gameplay and the acquisition of additional powers and weaponry. We try again, but this time we fail. But we're getting there.

 Information is power, and it allows us to take shortcuts, keep specific objects, learn about visionaries' habits, achieve our lofty goals, and construct the ideal traps. Games like Hades, Returnal, and even oldies like Dead Rising improved us in this learning mechanic by simply challenging us to go further and survive longer. Until we are able to break the cycle. And we'll be able to take on new difficulties until we've mastered the perfect game.

The new Arkane Studios wants to provide all of this and more. A game that aspires to be the year's biggest surprise. And that it follows in the footsteps of its predecessors (Dishonored, Prey). It will be released only for PS5 on September 14th.


Deathloop is a first-person shooter action game created by Arkane Studios and released by Bethesda for PC and PlayStation 5 in which two competitive assassins are caught in a time loop on the mysterious island of Blackreef, sentenced to repeat one after the other.

 the same day's time Colt's only chance of escaping is to knock out eight vital targets before the day ends. With each cycle, he gains knowledge, tries new routes, gathers information, and gains new weapons and abilities. Anything to get out of the rut.

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