The'server-filling' AI warriors in Battlefield 2042 will not be optional

But if everything goes well, you won't see them often unless you specifically seek them out, and they'll be decent gamers.

The'server-filling' AI warriors in Battlefield 2042 will not be optional

Although there will be no singleplayer campaign in Battlefield 2042, you will be able to play it by yourself because DICE has included AI bots this time. Apart from allowing solo play, the bots will "backfill" the 128-player servers, and you won't be able to avoid them, according to EA. Last month, the publisher told The Verge something similar.

The number of AI soldiers in any particular Conquest or Breakthrough battle is limited, and EA promises that "you will not experience more AI soldiers than players until the match is still filling up, or virtually empty." As more players join, bots will be displaced.

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Battlefield 2042 should be popular enough to fill every match (except perhaps one per region if the total number of players isn't a multiple of 128), but DICE has evidently invested a lot of effort into having the AI soldiers play decently. They were mentioned briefly during the June announcement, and EA expands on them in today's blog post:

"AI Soldiers are designed to play the game in the same way as you would. They can't use Traits or Specialties because they aren't supposed to be Specialists. They'll be seen doing things like using the vehicle call-in system and engaging with cars, as well as seizing objectives.


Battlefield V (PS4)

Battlefield V (PS4)

Battlefield V (PS4)

They may not be able to employ the Wingsuit, but they do have the intelligence to choose between confronting you with enemy fire, flanking, tossing explosives, or even reviving a downed squad mate."

Bots in Battlefield 2042 will allow co-op and solo play, in addition to assisting to fill up partially populated servers, as they do in Chivalry 2 and other recent battle royale titles. (EA stated today that even if you're playing solo, you must be online.)

Sometimes all I want to do is mess around with my pals without being bothered by randos, thus the notion of co-op Battlefield intrigues me.

In terms of bots as server filler, I doubt there will be many in Conquest matches, at least in the early days of Battlefield 2042. DICE is working on crossplay for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, so there should be a sizable player pool.

I don't mind bots as a tool to maintain teams full as players drop in and out, but I hope I don't enter in the middle of a battle after a handful of players have been eating through bots for 10 minutes—it always feels like a wash.

Let's see what happens! The release date for Battlefield 2042 is set for October 22. We'll learn about the secret, nostalgic mode that DICE LA (now named Ripple Effect) has been working on at EA Play Live next week, on July 22, and then there's another mystery mode to learn about, so we don't have anything close to the entire picture just yet.

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