Sona will see significant changes in the League of Legends 11.16 patch

Riot Games has announced intentions to overhaul Sona in the League of Legends 11.16 patch, and the devs have given specifics about the planned modifications for the champion.

Sona will see significant changes in the League of Legends 11.16 patch.

Captain Gameplay, a Riot Games developer, has revealed fresh details about Sona, Maven of the Strings, the League of Legends support champion, who is poised to undergo a big overhaul. 

Sona's alterations in previous years, according to the game creators, allowed the hero to stray away from the bottom lane, which isn't exactly what they planned when they made the changes. As a result, last year's changes were made to move Sona back to the support position, such as introducing mana refund.

Riot is now examining the champion and intends to offer him a new mechanic to replace the mana refund feature. Sona will receive a stack of Accelerando in the near future when she uses Q - Hymn of Valor to damage an enemy or W - Aria of Perseverance to heal an ally. 

For her basic skills, Accelerando will provide her the ability to havete. If she hits someone with Q, she will gain two stacks, and if she heals or blocks damage on all four friendly champions, she will gain up to five stacks.

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Sona will be refunded a portion of her ultimate ability, Crescendo, cooldown when she achieves the cap for Accelerando, in addition to giving her ability haste. The purpose of these improvements is to encourage the champion to play more aggressively. Sona revamp will be available on official LoL servers in patch 11.16, which will be released on August 18th.

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