MSI is working on RTX 3090 GPUs that are based on the classic HydroGen series

According to a source at VideoCardz, MSI Gaming is introducing a series of RTX 3090 graphics cards with an improved GA106-302 graphics processor as well as the possibility of a low hash rate, according to a recent Eurasian Economic Commission, or EEC, file. MSI is rumored to be adding the LHR to give customers the option of which version they choose, allowing for additional variation in the line.

MSI is working on RTX 3090 GPUs that are based on the classic HydroGen series

Another intriguing element of MSI's EEC file was the return of their HydroGen series, a GPU with an in-house cooling system capable of high overclocking rates, making it one of the most sought-after graphics cards at the time. The MSI HydroGen series was last accessible when the Fermi architecture was still available.

MSI eventually replaced the HydroGen series with EK, a Slovenian business that develops cooling systems for MSI devices like the Sea Hawk EK X. For the Sea Hawk X series, MSI and Danish manufacturer Asetek collaborated on an AIO cooling module, which changed the dynamic between MSI and EK.

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According to Asetek's website:

Since the invention of the all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler, Asetek has been solving thermal problems. Our liquid coolers provide outstanding performance and unsurpassed dependability. Over seven million coolers have been delivered to handle thermal difficulties for gamers, enthusiasts, and data centers. We keep innovating, such as cooling CPUs to allow gamers to perform extreme overclocking and cooling some of the world's fastest supercomputers.

It's probable that MSI is no longer making graphics cards in collaboration with EK, given the reappearance of the MSI HydroGen models. It's also possible that, given MSI's previous success with their HydroGen cooling technology and its excellent overclocking rates, the company is looking to entice both gamers and high-end computer users, especially in a market where esports and popular live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch currently cater to a large percentage of the gaming community.

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