In Mythic Ocean, you can influence a cast of gods and the shape of a new world

Robyn Haley, character artist/animator for Mythic Ocean, and Darren Malley, writer/composer for Mythic Ocean, discuss how their underwater adventure game is about empathy and creation.

Players are free to explore a lively ocean and consult a pantheon of gods. Thousands of different outcomes are possible as a result of their decisions.

The Xbox One version of Mythic Ocean is now available. Mythic Ocean: Prologue, a free demo, is also available.

In Mythic Ocean, you can influence a cast of gods and the shape of a new world

What would you do if you had the ability to communicate with the gods and your influence on them had the power to alter the cosmos? Mythic Ocean is an atmospheric adventure in which players make friends with a pantheon of gods beneath the water, assist them in solving their issues, and make decisions that shape the birth of a new planet.

This game blends free open-world exploration with visual novel-style dialog-driven gameplay. As you explore new locations and meet new species, you'll come across various gods, each with their own personality and predicament.

They'll tell you about their motives and issues, and they'll ask for your feedback. The advise you give constantly changes the story being told, and it also affects which of these gods will rise to form a new word and what kind of world they will create.

Mythic Ocean is set in a time-traveling ocean planet. What happened before and what will come after are both a mystery, with thousands of different possible outcomes. The Mythic Ocean is supposed to be a series of events. Any given finale isn't truly the conclusion. Are you dissatisfied with the reality you've created as a result of your decisions? Try a different approach to the game's numerous gods. We're looking forward to the gamers' ability to replay the game.

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There is no death, no battle, and no failure in this game. It's all about communication and influence here. What do you think people should do, and how do you go about telling them about it? What do you want them to become (remembering that you can't make them)? Mythic Ocean fosters empathy, and players will almost certainly be asked personal questions as they consider how to respond to diverse characters. 

Conversations can be lighthearted and soothing, but they can also delve into more serious and philosophical topics. We believe that gamers of all ages will be able to find their own sources of inspiration.

Our players are also storytellers, so we created a storyline for them to explore and shape, resulting in an experience that is uniquely theirs. Mythic Ocean is a love letter to the sea's beauty and power, as well as a game about how everyone has more power than they realize. We invite you to come as you are and contribute significantly to the construction of a new universe.

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