For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Imagine Earth is now available

As we prepare to release Imagine Earth on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, I began to reflect on how exciting it was to work on this game. Martin and I worked on our world simulator for seven years, and it's unique in that it integrates city development and economic strategy, resource management, and ecological survival on large planets.

For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Imagine Earth is now available

We wanted the game to run on Xbox because it integrates several valuable gaming concepts in a unique way. When it came to building interfaces and storytelling, we made sure that everything was optimized for gamepad controllers.

Since the original prototype we built as students was a finalist in Microsoft's Imagine Cup Finals '08 in Paris, where they had the category Game Design for the first time ever, an early version ran on the Xbox 360 devkit. We modified the game engine twice and redesigned the UI and character design even more as the game matured.

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I'm confident that public acknowledgment like the Imagine Cup, as well as the backing of over 43,000 early access backers, are the sole reasons we've been able to continue this long development path. Over time, the climate crisis has gotten more and more obvious, and it has become a major social concern.

The increasing public awareness of the problem provided us the courage to work on a pressing issue and incorporate the climate disaster as an authentic core mechanic into the game.

Create Your Own Civilizations on Faraway Worlds

Imagine Earth has evolved into an economic strategy game featuring a globe simulation over time. A space colony manager's task is to create and supply colonies all over the world. The goal is to establish efficient manufacturing and space trade in order to thrive and prosper, as well as to conduct research and development for new technologies in order to avoid disasters such as rising sea levels and global climate collapse.

The use of firearms is outlawed in the futuristic environment, thus it starts off as a peaceful infrastructure-building game. Players must first construct city districts and provide them with food, energy, and goods. Finding the optimal location for each building is a difficult task because they all have different positive and negative effects on each other, as well as different ground conditions and deposits on the fields. 

Additional equipment or more complicated products for sale can be crafted with the produced goods or harvested materials. To ensure the colonists' quality of life, a balance between growth and sustainability must be found sooner or later.

In Space, a Race for Endless Economic Growth

In addition, the game immerses the player in the role of a global economic player. In order to establish economic dominance over a globalized market, the player must compete competitively with other firms. You can utilize terraforming and weather manipulation to wreck your opponents' stock prices, as well as share trading and hostile takeovers. Form alliances or be prepared to deal with a variety of diplomatic challenges.

From a certain point in planetary evolution, the factions may be forced to work together to maintain the environment as their common source of life. Every group on the earth is represented at the world congress, which is a democratic allegiance. It makes tax and subsidy resolutions, as well as fines and supply resolutions.

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Threatened by climate change, the factions discuss emission taxes and environmental money, as well as outlawing specific technology such as fossil fuels, in the hopes of finding methods and solutions to save their homeworld.

You hold the fate of entire worlds in your hands.

As previously said, we began this project as students, and the way the prototype appeared to make the most frightening and pressing topic of our time playable in a simulation has kept us enthralled and occupied for many years.

By assigning the player responsibility for the fate of a global ecosystem, the challenge of global climate change, which appears too abstract and incomprehensible to the individual, should become tangible and treatable.

The science fiction scenario, which we've wrapped around this topic over time, largely serves the aim of allowing an open-ended thought experiment and removing ideological concerns and sensitivities that would have prevented a terrestrial scenario.

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We were continuously challenged in terms of story-telling and dramaturgy to strike a balance between amusement and seriousness so that Imagine Earth could shine as a game while also raising plausible themes without becoming moralistic or informational.

Instead, it should be inviting, motivating, and pique people's interest. The game's accessibility is claimed to be improved by the light graphic design. It also uses the triangle as an aesthetic design feature, being the simplest and most universal component of all 3D computer game settings.

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