Cross-play, cross-saving, and a mobile edition of Warframe have been announced

TennoCon 2021, an annual event dedicated to all things Warframe, has a number of announcements for this popular free-to-play game.

Cross-play, cross-saving, and a mobile edition of Warframe have been announced

TennoCon 2021, the yearly event when Digital Extremes, which is owned by the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, unveils all of the upcoming news for Warframe, one of the most popular free-to-play games today and available on a variety of platforms, has taken place. In fact, the study has stated that it will be available in even more languages in the future, as it will be available on mobile devices, but there are still more key announcements to be made in this line.

And it is from the American study that it has also revealed that it is already working on the deployment of cross play (games played on multiple platforms) and cross save (games saved from the beginning), with the explicit goal of avoiding the dreaded community divide.

From that point forward, all gamers, regardless of platform, will be able to play together. Furthermore, future mobile device versions will be considered in this planning.


However, Digital Extremes has been unable to provide an estimate for when all of these features, as well as their new versions, would be available.

More Warframe news

Tennocon's new features don't stop there, as Digital Extremes has provided a detailed look at the game's forthcoming expansion, The New War. This expansion will bring a new open environment and tale to the player, with the main difference being that it will place the player in the shoes of numerous characters rather than their regular Warframe.

The most urgent is the release of Nidus Prime, a new Warframe that will be accessible this summer. This is the Prime version of the zombie Nidus, but it won't be the only one, as Caliban will arrive in the game later, around the same time as The New War expansion.


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