Classic Maps Are Being Remastered In Battlefield 2042 As Part Of A New Mode

 Battlefield 2042 will include fan-favorite maps.

Classic Maps Are Being Remastered In Battlefield 2042 As Part Of A New Mode

Battlefield 2042 will include reworked versions of iconic multiplayer maps as part of a new mode being created by the studio that used to be known as DICE LA, according to a report released today.

Christian Glass, Ripple Effect's general manager, came on a brief EA Play-styled live yesterday (July 8, 2021) to explain that the upcoming shooter will feature some recognizable environments. While Glass didn't name the mode in question – it would be revealed at EA Play on July 22 – he did confirm reports that earlier maps would be returning to the game.

“One of the components of this experience that we're developing is that we're adding some of the fan favorite maps back into Battlefield 2042,” Glass stated on the stream. He also mentions that when Battlefield 2042 launches on October 22, 2021, it will include three major modes: a 128-player All-Out Warfare game, a battle royale-like Hazard Zone, and this third mode from Ripple Effect.

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We'll learn more about Hazard Zone in the third quarter of 2021, soon before the game's release. “We can't be afraid of taking risks,” DICE's Oskar Gabrielson remarked. This isn't your typical battle royale; it's a modern mode that the team has been working on for years. It draws on DICE's and Battlefield's superpowers at the same time. In the fall, we'll unveil more details.”

In related news, Ripple Effect is working on something completely apart from Battlefield, and given the Respawn Entertainment link, we're hoping for anything Titanfall-related. When EA DICE's Battlefield 2042 launches, bots will be used to boost player numbers when necessary, ensuring that everyone gets into one of the game's massive bouts on time.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on October 23 — roughly three months from now.

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