Blood Bowl 3 will have morphing pitches as well as obnoxious burgers

Cyanide revealed more facts about their upcoming fantasy football parody Blood Bowl 3 during today's Nacon Connect livestream. Bugman's Beer, Corsair Cruises, Cabal Vision, Block & Dodgers, Orcidas, and a horrible hamburger brand called Nurgle King were shown in a teaser as the six sponsors for the singleplayer campaign. "During the campaign, you will have to face a bunch of star players, who are the public faces of these sponsors," said lead cinematic artist Yoann Drulhe.

Blood Bowl 3 will have morphing pitches as well as obnoxious burgers

Each of the sponsors will have their own devoted team, each commanded by a different star player, that must be vanquished one by one. Varag Ghoul-Chewer, the orc star player, will be returning as the face of the Orcidas brand and the founder of his own gym franchise, according to Drulhe.

When I met with Cyanide earlier this year, they said that once the campaign is over, you'll be able to field your own custom team and play multiplayer with them, which is a lovely touch.

Drulhe also stated that the pitches in Blood Bowl 3 will have its own set of regulations, with some of them changing mid-match if the correct conditions are met. He used the analogy of scoring a touchdown on the dark elf pitch in the first half to summon a kraken. It's possible that this isn't a good thing.

Blood Bowl 3 is currently in closed beta, with an Early Access release planned for September.

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