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They grab photos from streamers and youtubers and use them to market as NFT without their permission
Flashpoint Beyond, a sequel to the blockbuster DC Comics storyline that will reintroduce Thomas Wayne's Batman, has been confirmed
With the PlayStation Blue Monday event, find all of the Beat the King Easter Eggs and you might win a PS5
Stay tuned for Dying Light 2! At launch, Human will not have crossplay or crossgen
Be on the lookout for the plot of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which may have leaked online
Michael Keaton reveals why he quit Batman and why he is now returning in The Flash
The Man from the North, the new Robert Eggers film after The Lighthouse, has a trailer
The awards for Dying Light 2 have been revealed: there are 58 challenges in the game
Call of Duty Vanguard: Unlock Zombies Wave Mode Shi No Numa
Phil Spencer believes Sony is correct to offer a PlayStation Game Pass, calling it "inevitable."
Two older Prince of Persia games have been listed for the PS5, and speculations concerning backward compatibility with the PS3, PS2, and PS1 are still circulating
Paul McLaughlin, the artistic director of Fable and a prominent player in the industry, has passed away
According to an EA job posting, The Sims 4 could get cinematics and story sequences
GTA Online: The Contract's Weapons and How to Get Them
Unreal 5's Metal Gear Solid 2 Intro is being recreated by an artist, and it's more amazing than you can imagine
Shinji Mizushima, a prominent mangaka, passed away at the age of 82
They spend over two million euros for a Dune book that can be read for free.
Sony refreshes the Psygnosis name and logo, as well as the Lemmings and WipeOut studies
Critique of Attack on Titan Chapter 77, which is currently accessible on Crunchyroll